#63483  by Billbbill
 Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:35 pm
Highballin' wrote: ...Remember to be conscious of your distance from the mike. Find the right spot, and stay consistent.
This is definitely going to be a First rate-Quality Product from you guys!! Peace!! :smile:
Yes indeed - words of wisdom! And thanks.
 #63484  by Billbbill
 Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:41 pm
strumminsix wrote:Cool stuff, guys!
Billbbill wrote:It's a Dinosaur but I seem to be able to get better results out of it than my Emma Discombobulator. I have both hooked up in my rig and have been experimenting. I've had trouble dialing in the Emma but it's still a work in progress.
WHAT?! Seriously?! Bill, try with all the settings around 2 o'clock.
Hey SS - Thanks for commenting - yea, I've been through the 2 o'clock thing - I think it's more of an eq issue. We played last night (somewhat forgettable compared to last friday!) and I found that adding more reverb helped with eliminated the annoying fuzzy buzz but it seemed I had to add so much that I began to lose the wah in the verb! I'm just gonna have to continue to fart around with it until I get it right and then carve the settings in stone!