#548  by captain_trip
 Wed Jul 21, 2004 12:04 pm
here is a better sounding outro of slipknot!>franklin's.....

|--0----0---- |--------------------|



|--2----2---- |--------------------|



 #1072  by phpbb
 Thu Oct 07, 2004 1:27 pm
D -

I've removed every link that had D and Dale Gribble post associated with it. I have taken down "The Tank" all together. If you can show me another post you have that is still up, please contact me by email, not by posting to this site.

If you have any other concerns, you contact me directly at rukindcom@hotmail.com, I'd appreciate you not using these forums in the mean time.

 #1647  by somaguyjt
 Tue May 10, 2005 4:00 pm
i would like to offer something for you to try. Instead of the 2/4 2 0 at the last part of that outro,try: 1-----------------| It sounds great
i promise, i got this by ear, and ive always loved the way the harmonics sound together. Pretty sure its what one of them does, i have a hard time hearing bobby sometimes.