#5056  by Cosmic Jimmy
If anyone can elaborate on scales for Sugaree, assuming the chords are B to E, that would work. Im a guitar player and would love to get that "jerry" sound. Thanks for any help guys!!

 #5070  by BlobWeird
Hey not all that good at guitar but I use B Mixolydian. That should be the scale Jerry uses. www.wholenote.com for all your scale and chord needs

 #5077  by Cosmic Jimmy
appreciate it buddy

 #27044  by JackORoses
sorry wrong thread

 #27101  by st stephen
i like to mix the b major and the B Mixolydian scale for sugaree.

 #27102  by ronster
B mixo is the same as E major. From what I'm hearing is that Jerry is playing the E major (or B mixo) over the E chord and the B major over the B chord. The CAGED sytem works great for playing leads on Sugaree. Also through in the B A (step down to the) E three note chords into your leads to make your lead take off.

 #27104  by Pete B.
I first did this tune in my high school Deadhead band (The Highland Band), late 70's... then haven't played it until recently when it just happened to be the next song on a disk I was jamming along with.
This is a great song to work through all of the CAGED positions up and down the neck.
 #33529  by kenneybonz
hi.. just starting to get this mixloydan scale stuff.. how do you "mix the bmajor scale in with it? is that where you move, sort of, from the 2, 4, 6 area to the 6, 8 and 7 area? i know that is a sort of dumb way to ask that , but i have the music for sugaree and see that the lead moves around those two areas and i have not EVEN tr4ied to learn how to type a scale on the net yet.. but when i mix up that 246 or 245 that is b mixolydan with that 6, 8 and 6,7 stuff i get a lot of what i hear on the mp3s..
if i am sort of on the right track to understanding the mix the b major and b mixolydan comment,please let me know.. tom
also, merry christmas!
just have time to practice and wash clothes be4 starting out on my favorite christmas tradition, driving the interstates... :lol:

 #33538  by wisedyes
Well, the song is in straight E Major, so technically, over the B chord you should be using the Mixolydian mode. HOWEVER, since the chord used is B Major and NOT B7, this allows you some leeway to use the B major scale as a substitute.

Myself, I tend to use mainly the Major pentatonic scales over the B and E for this - gives it a bit more of that country twang. When I get to the other chords, I treat them with a chord tone approach more than by using scales.

Tom, use the G form pattern for B ( 6th string root ) in between the 4th and 7th frets, and the C pattern for E ( 5th string root ) in the same position. To play higher on the fretboard, invert them up between the 9th and 12th frets - the E root will now be on the 6th string at the 12th fret, and the B root is on the 5th string 12th fret.

There are three other patterns ( the A, E, & D ) but stick with these two for now and see how they work together and how similar the fingerings are. Have fun on the interstates and with the fam.

 #33544  by BlobWeird
Really I dont see why you would wanna limit yourself to two positions. Sometimes ill drop to the open position. Especially for the intro. Then I go to the 4th position up until the solo. Then I usually start at 7th then move to 9th 12th and so on. I just let the music move me. To look up scales though check out that link I posted at the top of this thread last year. Still just as good as it was then.

 #33559  by GratefulPat
i play the E major all the way through just accenting the B more over the B chord

 #33582  by wisedyes
Blob- I was recommending that kennybonz limit his positions because, as he stated in his post, he is just now learning scales and modes. In the early stages of learning things like this, it is most important to get the sounds in your ear and not try to do too much on the fretboard. Crawl before you can sprint, ya know?
 #33612  by kenneybonz
thanks for all the input.. it really helped... i just got back from key west and was really stoked to get a chance to play this morning .. and now seeing the answers i see where i was, learning wise..
thanks again for all the input.. and look forward to being home for a couple of weekend days this weekend.. whew.. !!!!
dave.. we gave ourselves a mike and stand package for next time we all jam..
look forward to seeing y'all again soon.. gotta work a lot this week because a lot of our stuff has a rigid 12/31 deadline.. but i'll talk to you sometime tomorrow and wish merry christmas....
thanks again all!! and to all a good night.. :D

 #33624  by CaptainTrips
Man I just erased this tune from my loop pedal the other day after weeks of jamming it out. I myself prefer a heavy dose of mixo jamming and anything that sounds good for the B - E parts but for the break down into the F#m, C#m ect, I tend to rely heavily on the chord tones to just nail the melody down. Its a great tune to jam to for that reason. You can break it into two sections, the B and E section where you can stretch it out and the chorus part where you really reign it in and nail the chords home. Good luck and HAVE FUN!