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 #132589  by mgbills
 Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:49 pm
Greetings All,
A fabulous Furthur show on a dreaded Tuesday in Seattle. It was supposed to rain, but it held off. Awesome.

One major change from the Portland, Or shows of last summer I think is worthy. Last year they had gotten to this point of deconstructing jams until it was just Mr. Russo or Mr. Chimenti. And they'd do it for too many numbers in a row. Last night they still deconstructed jams magically, but didn't let the boogie fall out. I love it when Jeff becomes "Thelonius Monk Jeff", but I really love it if I still feel like boogying while it's going on.

I know some here don't like and/or appreciate John K. My view is that he has continued to evolve and grow to a very great degree. In my opinion his skill is widely appreciated by his band mates. Phil was smiling, nodding his head, and seemed to be revelling in Johns solo's on The Eleven and again for China Doll. He's got these cool tonal textures he's adding. Not sure how he's manipulating the gear, but my wife and I call it ...Allmans-John, EC-John (Eric Clapton/British Invasion), and of course Jerry-John. Last night he added Gilmour-John (circa 1977 - Animals album). I think it's a cool thing to pop in a vignette of Gilmourish tone, played in pentatonics, in the middle of a killer China Doll solo. It may have been at another point at the show. I'm exhausted and it's not up on Archive yet. My opinion is still that he's a killer musician, and a great fit.

Bob was great last night. Sang great. Played great. And...he was just right in the mix so his trebbly tone wasn't oppressive.

Phil as well. Nice vocals. Killer Eleven bombs. Good stuff.

Great night. See them if you can. I'll add a link when it shows on Archive. Too tired to go to Eugene, OR tonight. Have fun Pete!
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 #132614  by Pete B.
 Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:29 am
Good Show in Eugene last night.
I would say the best jam was during the first set Greatest Story...
They went into a long one-chord jam that they were able to ratchet up to rolling-thunder cruising altitude, espessially thanks to Russo.
Probably best 2nd set jams were during Sugar Mags.
No Blues For Allah or Terripn tunes.
No Cumberland, China, or Scarlets...
A pretty good He's Gone.
They did Sittin on Top Of The World, Viola lee, and Golden Road, from that early album.
No Bobby Key of E songs (LLR, JS, BTW), no Jerry A-minor songs (Loser, Jackaro, West LA, etc).
They did Liberty and Lazy River Road.
Esau and Masterpiece (with some new chords and a modulation).
Hard To Handle and Smokestack Lightnin'.
Around and Around which somehow they managed to fuck up.
Yeah I would say John K is playing way more John K and not much Jerry, but again, they didn't really do any songs where very specific Jerry licks are requiered.
His Mutron sounded good on Greatest Story, but he went to clean and distortion during the long jam.
Spent my t-shirt money on cool set of Wings with a Stealie in the middle, and an Ice Cream Kid button (for a buck).

They played at least two songs that were new ones I hadn't heard, one of which sounds like a slow Suger Mag intro for a while.
The space Jam was kind of "Industrial" rather than obtuse/meldoc.
No drum solo.
I got to meet the chick backup singer after the show. She's very pretty and very nice, hanging with the audience for a few right after the show right down front.
It was a fun show. :-)
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 #132619  by TI4-1009
 Thu Sep 26, 2013 9:40 am
mgbills wrote:I know some here don't like and/or appreciate John K.
That would NOT be me.