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I got through all five disks of the new Bear's Sonic Journals release of New Riders shows from the very earliest days. These are from their first Bay Area shows in 69-70. Owsley recorded them at a few local venues so the recordings are well done, but keep in mind that these are their first shows so these aren't polished studio recordings. And being different shows there are a number of songs repeated.

But if you love the New Riders- and hearing Jerry play steel guitar- this is a great set. Some of my favorite Dead shows in the early 70s in Upstate NY started with a set of New Riders starting at 7, then 2 sets of the Dead- sometimes ending up after midnight! Five or six hours of Jerry!

I got this directly from the Stanley Owsley Foundation store. They are working on transferring as many of his old tapes as possible to digital. There is also an early Hot Tuna show that I have on the radar.


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