#173182  by Zaccre1614
I know this is a hotly discussed topic but wanted to get some opinions on what would be the best pedal to get to round out my small simple jerry board.

I’m running a Milkman The Amp into a JBL E120.

Currently my board is super simple, tuner into a script distortion plus into a HAZ Mu-tron III.

Trying to figure if I should get an octave divider or a delay to round it out, or any other recommendations would be greatly welcome!
 #173184  by Slewfoot2000
Personally, I find a delay much more useful than an octave. Of course, I say this as someone who just started playing last year so I need an octave that has excellent tracking on it or else it just doesn't work well.

But regardless of that, I think a delay is a lot more versatile. You can set the delay up to shorter or longer repeats plus trails which really allows for a diverse array of sounds all the way from Jerry to Radiohead.

I currently use the Catalinbread Belle Epoch which works great for my current needs. I had a small MXR Carbon Copy, but it sounded a bit artificial to my ears.