#5968  by HOWEYMAN
 Mon Jun 05, 2006 7:17 am
What degreee is substituted for the 7th in this chord?, and sus7 chords? I have A version of "Jack Straw" that uses this chord. Thanks.

 #5976  by hesgone95
 Mon Jun 05, 2006 8:58 am
I believe you substitute a 4th in place of the 3rd. aren't the opening chords of the verse in Jack Straw Esus7 to Fsharp sus 7?

I believe it is played as follows

Esus7 Fshp sus7

The spelling being low to high 1574(51)

hope this helps.

 #5977  by tigerstrat
 Mon Jun 05, 2006 9:03 am
E7: E, G#, B, D
Esus7: E, A, B, D

The Min 7th stays the same. The Maj 3rd is raised to a Perfect 4th.

All versions of Jack Straw use it.

 #5981  by HOWEYMAN
 Mon Jun 05, 2006 9:22 am
Thanks, thats what I was wonderin. I wanted to make surethat this wasn't a E major chord, substituting the 7th for the third or 5th. This proably don't make sense, I know, but thats excatly what you do in a sus2 or sus4 chord?, correct? Further why wouldn't the Esus7 be written E7sus4? In a "sus" chord the 3rd is raised to a perfect 4, which would be the same as sus4 (sus same as implied sus4). I'm sorry, just trying to get this straight in my head. Thanks again.

 #5998  by tigerstrat
 Mon Jun 05, 2006 12:34 pm
Actually, yes, E7sus4 would be the correct abbrev.

sus4 you are raising the 3rd to a Perfect 4th, sus2 you are lowering it to a Maj 2nd.

"sus" always refers to the 3rd; never about any other note in the chord

 #6001  by HOWEYMAN
 Mon Jun 05, 2006 12:46 pm
Again, Thanks. that really cleared up a bunch of stuff for me. Again, thanks.

 #6023  by CaptainTrips
 Mon Jun 05, 2006 9:41 pm
thats odd . . .
I have the Grateful Dead Anthology Volume 1

and for the intro of Jack Straw it just calls for E and Esus4 chords.

not to mention Ive never even heard of a sus7 chord, but I wouldnt be suprised it seems Bobby is always into something different.

 #6027  by HOWEYMAN
 Tue Jun 06, 2006 4:48 am
not the intro

E7sus4 E7
I just jumped the watchman,
E7sus4 E7
right outside the fence

the version I had read

Esus7 E7
I just jumped the watchman,
Esus7 E7
right outside the fence

which is what confused me

 #7294  by Seizure7thChords
 Sun Jul 16, 2006 9:44 am
The "I just jumped the watchman right outside the fence" part I just solo over it in E mostly minor penatonic, Haha it works for me,I'm entertained anyway.