#135529  by CSDP_7
 Fri Jan 10, 2014 9:33 pm
Howdy! I am a new user on this site... I have used the site but have not had an account before. Before I ask my question, allow me to give a brief bio of myself. I am a 17 year old dead fanatic! I am also a guitar player. I have been playing guitar as long as I can remember and have never taken a single lesson. Jerry Garcia is my guitar idol. I love his playing and tone. The past couple of years I have been chasing that sound. I know 90% of tone is in your fingers, but I have worked a lot to Jerry-fry my fingers and I have worked to emulate his playing. Now onward to the other 10%! I have been messing around with different things to emulate his tone but as I have now I have settled on the following. (and this is for no articular era)
A standard strat (using the middle pup of course)
A Fender Cyber deluxe ( almost all of my gear I have managed to obtain free of charge from folks who no longer want it...including this amp)
A boss blues driver
a crate gx20r.

So, there is the gear... now let me tell you how I drive!

As I said, strat middle pup. The Cyber has a blackface model but I prefer to use one of the tweed settings. In terms of eq, I like to keep a little bass with mids all the way up and treble ranges... depending on how bright I really wanna go. usually the mids are a bit higher than the trebs. Now the cyber comes with an effects loop in the back. I have the blues driver plugged into the loop. I use the driver for more of a boost and additional eq tweaks. I usually roll the gain all the back as well as the tone... rolling the tone back allows me to rid of some of the ear piercing highs that come from single coils and high mids.

I have a LTD Viper 301 that I have decided to save up the cash and have tiger-fied by Rober Rusch over at rusch guitars... I contacted some other folks but they were not able to work with me on the price. Mr.Rusch understood my financial problem. The mods he will be doing is dropping in the two super 2s and the sds 1 along with all the coil tapping gizmos and such. Now, originally, I decided to exclude the the on board EL and Pre amp to lower the price. But, Fred Rose gifted me a Tiger style preamp... The same one found in all Phred instruments Garcia replicas. so we will be putting that in as well. I wont have the funds for these mods until sometime this summer. But, today I received the Pre amp in the mail and I kinda want to give her a test drive.

Can this be put in the strat without mutilating it? I would do it but I do not have the tools.
if not can it be made into a simple little pedal?

if any of the above is possible, please reply with what you think would be the easiest. and id be much obliged if yall could include a simple schematic. I have never done anything like this so please, make it simple.

Thanks yall! and stay grateful!
 #136455  by easytoslip
 Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:00 pm
this sounds like precisely the stuff that is commonly discussed up in the Grateful Dead Equipment discussion section, Jerry tone. I have seen the mods suggest not posting the same topic in multiple areas though, so you prob don't want to just copy/paste this in that above section. Maybe shoot a message to some of the peeps that are active in the discussions up there? I'm willing to bet you'll definitely find someone that frequents this forum who can help :-)