#140289  by drkstrcrashes
 Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:44 am
The cyclops is probably my all time favorite logo too gr8fulbluz! That's why I have it tattooed on my shoulder (see below :D )

Not hollowed or chambered MK. Just pure sustain!

I think I see what you mean Pete B. Are you talking about how strings 6 and 1 are slightly angled before they hit the saddle? It is set up. Matt is out of town, so I'll need to ask him about that. So far it's been all good

the strings clear the back of the bridge, yes Searing75. When I got my first resurrection that concerned me, but I looked and Jerry's were the same.

Thanks SpaceYrface43. The build was just over a year. I NEVER rushed him, in fact the opposite. I encouraged him to take his time. Electronics are pure Jerry. see below.

Thanks hippieguy1954! I'm very happy. Just need to get him to build me one more using coco bolo. It won't be easy as he is no longer a full time guitar builder. :?

 #140291  by drkstrcrashes
 Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:52 am
Pete B. wrote:I like the look!... And really love that Inlay.
Just curious... The Saddles appear to be nearly straight across (in the top-down pic up top it looks like string-5 and maybe 4 are out of their saddle-slots). Is the Intonation set?

Pete, you were right! Great eye. In that early photo, strings 4 and 5 the strings were not in their slots. Don't know how that happened. Anyways, I just popped them over into their slots and they are all good. Great eye!
 #140899  by drkstrcrashes
 Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:17 pm
Recently found out: Moriarty Custom Guitars is no longer. He is done. You never know what the future might bring, but it's over. If you own one, hold on to is for your life. You are VERY lucky. Had I known this was going to happen I NEVER EVER would have sold my Wolf. And I might have C.B. instead of ebony.
This guitar is virtually identical to Stu's and the second ebony guitar on his site. When I saw the ebony wood, I thought, "wow", that is the perfect solution for making an Irwin-type guitar, but not a clone or replica. I did not want an identical replica, although I did (and still do) want a Tiger. I owned a Resurrection Tiger many years ago but sold it. I really should have held that guitar. It had it's problems, but from what the buyer told me everything was repayable and was in fact taken care of.

(sorry about the sizes)

I'm SOOOooooooo happy that I was able to buy back the Cowboy guitar I sold! That might be the best sounding guitar I have ever played. The Resurrection Tiger was something else though man. A thing of beauty. And it was C-H-E-A-P!!!! I wonder if they'd build me another. I guess Reuter does the best one's now? I'm looking for an identical clone with an INSANE piece of coco.... and like I said, Matt is done. D-O-N-E done. Lucky to own the cyclops. That's what she is called. Though I'm scared to pull her out. The space is cluttered and bumps and dings are a real possibility. I dropped a pedal on my Wolf. Had it repaired of course. Last thing, real quick... I was jamming with some kid once and I brought the Cowboy to let him try it. For some reason he did not touch it once the entire day. It sat on a guitar stand while we played on a concrete floor. All of the sudden it fell. Face forward flat on to the concrete. I tell ya brother, I was freaking. This might have been eight years ago. It was shortly after I got it (was that '06?). Anyways, then and still now to this day, I look and look and search and I have used a magnifying glass. There is absolutely not one thing that was damaged. I think it hit on the nut where the strings kind of protected it, or gave it a cushion. To this day, it looks brand new but for one little teeny tiny ding on the back. But, what are ya gunna do, not take these guitars out of their cases? Keep them behind glass? I kind of miss my wolf, but do sort of like the ebony better. But yea, I want a Tiger. The couple I have seen Matt do have not been really close. The one I played along with the Rosebud and other Wolf were nice but the wood was off. Gotta get Reuter when he has the time.
I really talk too much.
 #141029  by drkstrcrashes
 Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:55 pm
He went back to pimping wine. He is building a house by hand with his wife. His shop is closed. He is no longer a builder of guitars. It really puts a wrench in my plans because I sold my Wolf with the intention of getting a tiger some day. Waiting to hear back from Reuter. I don't think Resurrection would build another, though the one they built me sure was pretty, The contour was off slightly on the upper horn. Also it weighed 14 pounds. 3 pounds more than the heaviest Travis Bean I ever owned. Ouch! No wonder poor Jer' needed pain meds.
 #141038  by mgbills
 Fri Aug 22, 2014 11:43 am
I'm not entirely sure Reuter is building either. I only ever saw one of his guitars and the horns looked awkward to me. I think he only built 3 Tigers.
My son knows him from Roberto-Venn, as he attended there. Last time he was in Phoenix he couldn't get John Reuter to pick up the phone.

I tried to buy some Cocobolo from him, but ....no contact.
 #141506  by barefootdave
 Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:16 am
Wow, just saw this thread today.


Terrible news as I was planning to order a Tiger build from Matt as soon as he had an opening, it would have been my 50th birthday present to myself. I hope he is happy with his decision, it must have been a tough one.

So glad I was able to buy your Wolf, John! I am playing it this morning and totally love it. It has a few bumps and bruises, but it is probably still my favorite guitar; I considered having Matt refinish it when I bought it from you, but decided that the history of the guitar (most of the old-timers here know about the theft and recovery a few years back) was just too cool and decided not to do that.

The Scott Walker I got recently is fabulous as well, but the tone from Wolf #005 is beyond beautiful. I will cherish it always.

Pat O'Donnell lives about 5 miles from me, I used to have a Resurrection also but I don't think it held a candle to this guitar. I am pretty sure he is still building as I saw some of his recent Wolves not long ago. He is getting on in years and prefers to spend his time fishing, but you could probably strike a deal with him...
 #141713  by drkstrcrashes
 Sun Sep 21, 2014 1:14 pm
Hi Dave- Not sure if I could find your email addy. But, yea, shit man, you should feel lucky to have gotten that. His website is still up and functioning, so maybe don't take my word as gospel. Just saying what he told me. Anyways, had I known that I DEFINATELY would not have sold that guitar. Absolutely positively NOT@! :-x
So, be STOKED! I also completely regret selling my Resurrection Tiger because while it had some troubles that needed to be worked out, it was maybe the most beautiful Tiger clone I've ever seen. And that is no shit. It also weighed 14.5 pounds because of the brass. But even compared to all the Moriartys I've seen (and I've seen and played two in person-Two TIGER clones-Moriarys....and I've played a Rosebud that he built), I would have to say sorry to Matt, but I kind of think the Res. Tiger was the best one I've ever seen. Forget the dudes name who bought it, but I know he has some of the most incredible high end equipment. No vintage stuff, just cutting edge, highest of the high-end gear you can imagine. Anyways, he is so lucky to have that guitar. Tim from Res. told me that they probably would not make another like that with the brass and back inlay becaUSE it was just too much work. And even the Alembics, as great as they are, they are not and will never be clones. I highly doubt you could get them to use brass and I'd bet money (not a shit ton) that they would def not do a Tiger emblem in the oval. Let alone try to match the coco shade/color/grain, etc... I think that's the best your gunna fnd though if you want a Tiger clone. It really was just too much guitar for me. It would be like if I owned the top of the top of line Rolls Royce in custom purple or something, with gold instead of chrome, parked in my garage. That guitar was that beautiful. But oh well. You can always get a guitar to sound as amazing as any other guitar. It is just the looks at some point, that become what you are paying for. But DAM that guitar was beautil. here are a couple of photos, so all can see. This was their first Tiger clone after they had some big hurricane.