#148316  by tatittle
 Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:58 pm
I have a solid state Scheyer Audio stand alone reverb unit that went South on me a couple days after buying it used (I got a refund so I am not invested in in literally). I have held onto it hoping it could give me something to improve my technical skills by repairing it. No real signal comes thru now, although there is a very faint distorted sopund that can be heard if one listens close. It isnt unlike the sound that some effect pedals will have with almost dead batteries I guess. Real low volume though.

The only other thing that may help diagnose the issue is after I flip the power switch off, while the unit is powering down, the guitar signal comes thru for a split second. I cant really tell if there is any reverb in the breif signal, but I dont think so.

Any tech heads that could give me some ideas?