#45511  by ripsnibits
Does anyone know where to find some quality piano tab that is free? There are countless ones for guitar, but everything I find for piano is pay only. Thanks for the help!

 #45513  by ebick
don't think I have ever heard of piano tab.......just simply sheet music.

 #45523  by Rusty the Scoob
Yep, exactly. Piano tab does not exist because keyboard players tend to be able to read music and sheet music conveys 100x more information than tab, and more efficiently.

What you can do with the free tab sites (RUKIND being by far the best one IMHO) is to use them as a chance to learn theory. Take the chord charts here and learn how to build them into chords. Lots of people here, including me, can give you guidance on how to do that if needed.... just give us some idea of where you are in that process.

 #45525  by China Cat
ive seen piano tabs that were free before, i think on 911tabs.com. i cant attest to the quality of them, but it seems like there is a decent amount. hope they have what you need.

 #46454  by mttourpro
China Cat, just noticed your post and wanted to say the folks above are correct. There's no such thing as "piano tab". I assume what you're calling piano tab is chords over lyrics....I'm not sure what to call that but it's not tab like guitar notation is tab.
As for sheet music, most of the time, it's an arrangement or a kind of orchestrated version of the song so if you play it as written, you're actually playing other parts, not necessarily just the piano part. On rare occasions, the sheet music will in fact be the actual transcribed piano part. generally depends on the book. ie The ELP song book I have is actual piano parts--not orchestrated arrangements of the overall song. A Pink Floyd book I have is just an overall orchestrated arrangement. The GD Anthology is like the PF book. It does not have actual piano parts (with an exception or two, like the piano lick for Unbroken Chain).

Sheet music can be helpful though to get an overall sense of the tune and help with possible chord voicings. If you really want to learn the "piano part", usually you just have to listen to the tune and figure it out for yourself.

Hope that might help. MT