Musical Theory Abound!!!
 #141247  by greasymike
 Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:02 am
Was wondering if anyone can help me by telling me what modes (and keys which I think I have found) the following songs are in. If any of my info is wrong please let me know. I am not a musician. Pappy, I saw some posts of yours concerning modes elsewhere so any help would be appreciated.

The Promised Land C
Rainy Day Women F
Help On The Way > Fm
Slipnot! > Fm
The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion D
Loser Am
After Midnight > D
Eleanor Rigby Jam > Em-C, Aeolian-Dorian
After Midnight > D
To Lay Me Down G
New, New Minglewood Blues E

Uncle John's Band G
Wharf Rat > A, Mixolydian
Beautiful Jam > B, Aeolian (Bm)
Dark Star > A, Mixolydian
China Cat Sunflower > G
The Eleven B
Black Peter A
Cryptical > E
The Other One > E
Cryptical E
Franklin's Tower A, Mixolydian

Viola Lee Blues G
Box Of Rain A
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
 #141251  by aiq
 Mon Sep 01, 2014 3:20 pm
I'm sure others would ask too, need a bit more info.

Modes are fluid, one cane usually use two or three within a key.

A simple answer would be if major, Ionian in the key.

Minor, Dorian off the second from the key.

Mixo up a fourth from the key is usually nice, but?

As to the key, do you mean what key do the Dead play the tune or what key you would sing it in?

Jesse McReynolds is quoted as giving up a good playing key in favor of the singing key. Everyone should pitch their tunes where they sing, not where Jerry sings. :)

I'm usually a whole step below Garcias key.