Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #159700  by Diggey
 Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:21 pm
For sale is a Minty Hallmark Deke Dickerson. This guitar is a single neck tribute to Joe Maphis and his amazing doubleneck. It's also a modern day roots/rockabilly machine because Deke is the man! The pickups are incredible recreations of the Carvin's found on the Joe Maphis.

The model you see today is from the first run, and it has the fisheye fingerboard fret marker inlays, the handcarved spacers for each pickguard and arm-guard. This also has the gold hardware and the coolest vibe going. Included is the OHSC, the video which only came with the first year runs of the model. It has some cool demos and Deke doing some live shows.

I would love to sell this in person so if you are anywhere close to central Pennsylvania let me know. I will ship if needed. USA only, I have a bunch of pictures but am having issues loading them and I can take more pix if needed. Contact me and I can email you. I'd consider trading for cash and a Guild Newark Bluesbird or a Guild Newark Polara 100. $1250 plus shipping and insurance. Link to the site:
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