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 #165210  by playingdead
 Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:34 pm
Very rare, very cool Scott Walker custom Araya lap steel -- righthanded. This is one of the few that Scott built and, since I'm a lefty, has been largely in its case over the years. In damn-near-mint condition, barely played. Has a Lollar Supro pickup. Set up righthanded. With telescoping screw-in legs, leather cover and Scott's handmade custom case. Even has a kill switch and a hole to park your steel bar in. Shipping is a bit spendy because the case is quite heavy, or it can be picked up near Boston. The instrument itself is nice and light but Scott makes a serious case.

I don't think Scott is making these anymore and it's a couple of years to order anything from him these days. Scott is an absolute master craftsman and guitar visionary -- I play one of his electrics as my personal guitar.

Asking $4200.

From Scott's site:
Inspired from some of the steel guitars form the 40′s, the Araya Steel Guitar model has a few twists. A carbon reinforced beam runs down the center of the guitar for reinforcement, keeping the scale length true under any string tension. The 1/2 inch thick aluminum bridge that is sunk into the body gives it the growl and headroom, Eastern hard rock maple gives it the clarity hand sustain that steel guitar players crave.

23″ scale length
Lollar Supro pickup
Machined aluminum bridge
Machine aluminum leg sockets and stainless steel telescoping legs
Maple body with carbon rod reinforcement
Gotoh 21:1 tuners
Corian diamond inlays
Italian Celluloid control cover, head plate and fingerboard
Custom vinyl cover and leg pouch
Walker Custom Shop Case


More images here: ... itar-black