#121851  by 70chevrolet
 Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:26 pm
FNG here. Im just starting to get into these old classics. I am looking to aquire a copy of this live recording of Keystone Berkley nov 17/18 1975. I guess this was a 2 cd set put out about 10 years ago. AKA The Jerry Garcia Collection vol 2 or LET IT ROCK. I relly dig the Nikky Hopkins on Keys. This is a commercialy offered cd set and not a bootleg. I cannot find anyplace to buy this at under $100. I was hoping someone here may have it and be willing to do a good old fashoned B and P. Or name your price. Feel free to email me off the board. Much abliged and thanks in advance.

70 chevrolet.
MRCHEVYVAN @ Gmail Dot Com.