#148102  by August WR West77
 Wed Jul 29, 2015 6:25 am
I was lucky enough to tape this disc onto a cassette. I had a friend who was in Okinawa with me twenty years ago. He showed me a rare CD he bought at VIRGIN Records in Okinawa. It was live the beginning sounded like a Bill Graham introduction for sure. I can stream it and listen on archive.org. I however, cannot get a CD copy this show I have searched everywhere. It is a unique show. Opened with my favorite Morning Dew which is one of the best played and I am pretty knowledgeable with specific sets and songs that are best and/or unique versions. Schoolgirl is the next and then they do the very best doing that rag EVER recorded. Jerry was very solid and his guitar playing on this song especially the end solo dominates any I've heard and I have heard many many many versions. If there is a kind friend out there with any help on getting this show on CD I have many shows both cassettes and CDS I have very rare shows and a pigpen Anthology with pigpen playing love light duet with Janis. I also have a 1962 bluegrass festival with Jerry on banjo and vocals few years before he and a few other cats, some guy into jazz by the name of Phil Lesh, drummer Bill Kruetzman, Mickey Hart, Ron Pigpen McKernan and the Young Bob Weir who was a young man with many skills. If you know these guys you'll understand. But if anyone can help with that show on CD I would be grateful. I have a device supposed to put cassettes onto laptop then burn to disc, but can't figure it out. I am am old soul. not very old age wise but my soul is blessed with musical knowledge and skill that was introduced to me at a very young age but hit me like a freight train!! When those my age were listening to grung or rap or getting into some classic rock that was trendy. I was listening to port Chester NY in my walkman. I have a five night run with some of the best stuff that just made want to hear more and more I was hooked. I was young and when the Touch of Grey was on MTV I was dancing to a 1967 Avalon Ballroom Alligator or a 1970-71 China rider. One of my ultimate shows is '66 but really good sound for a cassette it is nothing that is obtainable I can see anyway. Excellent I'm a hog, you don't have to ask, hey little one, he was a friend of mine. Dancing in the streets, viola Lee blues, good good stuff. Keep on dancin in a ring around the sun!! Be kind play Dead and move Ahead forget past mistakes we are all just getting on and no one is better than the next, so let's just keep the vibes alive and show all those who hate how music can bring all different walks of life together in unity and happiness. May the fore winds blow you safely home!!!!