lets the rukind.org users talk about their up and coming gigs
 #126820  by tcsned
 Thu Apr 18, 2013 3:31 am
Nice, I listened to the Help on the Way. Very cool!
 #126833  by tcsned
 Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:23 pm
I like your take on these tunes - still dead but more of an interpretation than imitation. Kinda what I strive for, dunno how successfully . . .

Are you using a Boogie? Kinda has that characteristic.
 #126843  by seniorpesca
 Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:55 pm
i usually go for The Tone like many of us do with my strat and but this trio gig called for a looser more individual approach to it. thank you so much for noticing that.

I started playing my Godin Montreal which is humbuckered. I still play out of my twin but i tweaked a bit more bass then the regular tone

here is me trying to sound more like jerry

http://ia601605.us.archive.org/35/items ... herOne.mp3
 #126854  by tcsned
 Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:10 pm
I dig that one too. Variety is the spice of life!