lets the rukind.org users talk about their up and coming gigs
 #127893  by mgbills
 Mon May 13, 2013 8:03 am
Ladies & Gentlemen,
Had the pleasure of seeing the Garcia Birthday Band (JustinJohn) & Moonalice in Portland, OR on Saturday night. First...three apologies: 1) JustinJohn - I'm posting this iPhone video without your permission. I'll take it down if it's a problem. I am normally not the guy who tries to capture something on an iPhone, but this was so Smokin'Freakin'HOT that I felt compelled to try. Big River was great, but so were all the tunes played. 2) Pete B. - Due to a momentary memory lapse (and some margaritas) I ended up leaving my phone at the hotel. The vid was shot from Jenn's. As can be seen from the video, you & JJ should seriously consider putting your pedal steel talents to work with those guys. 3) TigerStrat - I'm hoping to catch "Cats". I'm having a wave of bad timing. If I'm there on Saturday, you guys play on Sunday....and I'm too freakin' old to play late on a Sunday.

Without further ado ....

Best $8.00 I've spent since GD tickets in 1982-3. GBB was awesome. Barry Sless sat in for the whole set. Pete Sears sat on keys for a couple. And...JustinJohn's band is freakin' awesome. Great vocals. Great instrumentals. Keyboard player plays the fiddle...I mean C'mon. Solid entertainment without the guest stars.

Many of you have commentented on the considerable talent of Barry Sless. I think the pedal steel is his extra talent. The man has 2 Walkers, and tears them up. More of a compressed sound than a Jerry rig, but still great. Guy deserves a Hollywood mansion, not to play clubs for less than 150 people. If you have not seen Moonalice and you get the opportunity, it is money well spent. Crazy stuff with originals and covers sandwiched between ultra-savory GD teases and jams. Don't guote me on it, but I believe The Kinks classic "Sunny Afternoon" was tightly extracted from 2 sides of a The Other One jam. An original (I believe) drawn from a crazy awesome FOTM jam.

That's it. Great Stuff.
Spend the $$. Worth it.
 #128200  by JustinJohn
 Sun May 19, 2013 11:43 am
Thanks for the kind words!! =)

It was such a pleasure playing with Barry and Pete - they're both so good at what they do, so musically complimentary, and so totally professional, the whole thing went down without a hitch... It truly was a night to remember!