#53479  by ronster
 Mon Dec 08, 2008 11:17 am
Thanks for letting me chew on that ditty. I love those garcia band tunes, keep them coming as they don't often get much attention. Great job of presenting that tune and putting in some nice licks.
I got the chord progession as follows:
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Don't care when you go, how long you stay 
C7				                      	            G
But good kind treatments, will bring you back some day 
            D7                   C               G  walkdown C7 C#7 D7    
But someday baby, I ain't gonna worry my life anymore 
I'll have to listen to a JGB version later to check if thats right.
You have a couple of typos on your tabs, in the beginning, when the C chord that is hammered off of the G you show it as 666 instead of the 555 you play. Also the high D7 after the walkup is shown as 12 10 13, it should be 12 11 13.
Thanks again for the effort. :peas: