#56749  by trking8
good question - - could be.

"A double stop, in music terminology, is the act of playing two notes simultaneously on a melodic percussion instrument (like a marimba) or stringed instrument (for example, a violin or a guitar). In performing a double stop, two separate strings are depressed ("stopped") by the fingers, and bowed or plucked simultaneously."

though here, the strings don't sound too "depressed" (insert rim shot).


 #56751  by strumminsix
Great vid! Not being a Jerry player I find them especially interesting!!!

Question Gm7 on guitar? I hear in alot of versions the full strum from JG and no 7th.

Watched Shoreline 10-3-1987 and saw a minor triad of G over that spot. However I do hear the 7th off the keys.

Also sometimes when Bobby is playing slide I hear the 7th. Just nowhere else... Hmmm.