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Hey, does anyone know of an effect pedal that simulates brass instrument sounds? Similar to the way the EHX B9 pedal simulates
Organ sounds, without going the route of Roland guitar synth unit. Thanks
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 #154492  by kurt eye
I believe Jerry's mom who was a musician commented the first time she saw him play electric that his sound and playing was like a horn. I've had non Grateful Dead enthusiasts comment how horn-like my fairly standard jerry strat rig sounds.

A few months ago I installed a brass tone block in my strat. At first I was a little unsure of it because it seemed to have a more mid-range response than steel and it took some time to get used to. The huge upside to it is the incredible bell-like resonance and sustain it imparts. I absolutely love it now. I've had a lot of fun fooling around trying to emulate a horn sound. When playing through my Wah pedal I can get a real nice oboe or French horn muted sound typically using the bridge pick up and adding in some delay. The resonance of the brass really shines through imparting that "me so horny" sound. Emulating a bright Mexicali blues type trumpet sound is probably a lot more difficult.
 #154494  by williamsaut
I was unable to find a pedal that did what your describing on line. Not one that models it like the EH pedal. I was after a muted horn sound but am unwilling to go the full midi synth setup just for that. The right fuzz pedal with a second transistor gain stage bias control and/or power starve will get the same "chiff" sound at the beginning of the notes with the fast die off of the fuzz and sounds pretty good but playing "horn licks" as opposed to typical guitar type licks with bends and hand vibrato is more important. The Shoe Spitsvalve is a guy that has tweaked a distortion design to replicate this. There's a long and not to inspiring youtube video that showcases the sound it creates and it's a few years old. I contacted Christopher at shoe and got a quote for one a month ago but he's yet to invoice me for it. I Emailed him back with no response. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBT52jxl578]
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Have you considered the EH Mel9? It has some Melotron style horn sounds.
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After posting this I just found a video of the Mel 9. It seems to do the job pretty well. Thanks guys, for your suggestions on this. Will have to put the brass trem block on my list too.
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Here's a terrible recording made with my phone. Sorry for the quality, but hopefully you get an idea of the horn tone I was able to achieve with a strat with brass tone block, voodoo 69s, through stratoblaster, Vox Wah and Digital Delay pedal.
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Hey Kurt thanks for posting that. It definitely gets close. Can you tell me what brand brass tone block you have?
 #154632  by kurt eye
PaulJay wrote:Hey Kurt thanks for posting that. It definitely gets close. Can you tell me what brand brass tone block you have?

I'm using a cheap GFS brass tone block from Guitar Fetish. I think it cost about $26. I have a modern American strat bridge and the block I have does not line up correctly despite being marketed for American strat bridges. Only 1 or maybe 2 (cant remember) out of the 3 screws holding the block to the bridge line up with the holes and the strings don't line up perfectly with the bridge saddles, but all that being said, I still love the brass block and have no desire to ever change it out. Currently on Guitar fetish the brass block they sell is listed a 10.5 mm MIM spacing, and comes with a bridge.