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is there a way to add songs to the Songs section?

PostPosted:Tue May 03, 2016 8:37 pm
by hieronymous7
I've been listening to the Dead for a long time - started around 1987 in Japan (just the So Far video on VHS!), got into them more in college (Clark University '88-'92), and have continued to enjoy and even discover new stuff that I hadn't heard or paid attention to.

One such song is "Caution - Do Not Stop On Tracks" - heard Phil Lesh & Friends with Stanley Jordan perform it at TXR earlier this year - the only reason I figured out what song it was is that I was listening to the Rhino issue of the Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack, and they play an amazing version of it on there - I soon became obsessed and found a couple more recordings in my possession - well, maybe just one, the Dick's Picks Vol. 22 from Lake Tahoe 1968 - I thought it was on From the Vault vol. 2 but can't find out my copy - later found out it's on the expanded version but not my original CD release. Also bought Dave's Picks Vol. 10 (Thelma Theater, 1969) used because it was on there.

However, Caution isn't listed in the Grateful Dead Songs forum! I know it's not a big deal, but is there a way to get missing songs added? Really, I just wanted to share my story about Caution :lol: but thought I would ask.

And I'm still on the hunt for other versions! Trying to decide if I should download the digital version as an Anthem of the Sun bonus track - maybe get the entire album, since apparently there is a version with the 1972 remix of the album? I love the Grateful Dead!