#36763  by caspersvapors
barry sless, but if you go back to page 4, youll see why i said "seriously"

no worries mate

 #36764  by Chuckles
caspersvapors wrote:barry sless, but if you go back to page 4, youll see why i said "seriously"

no worries mate

page 4 was about the time I was seriously contemplating throwing my Mac out the frickin' window cause I couldn't connect...

It's all better now.


 #36765  by Chuckles
.... and that should answer everyone's many questions about why Bobby never played lead!


 #36766  by I'm on the Bozo Bus
Hey Dozin....
Cough up that Phil Acoustic Upright Bass Rig ... Would ya...? :P

 #36767  by Chuckles
Was wondering if Karan was out for the rest of the eve, but I see a gold-top back there. Nice to see him on the mend.

 #36768  by Pigpen
I think the steel pedal is a little overpowering.

 #36770  by gratephulphish123
Pigpen wrote:I think the steel pedal is a little overpowering.
well with karan not in on every song he's the lead player here, i admit i do think it's a bit much but still, someone needs to step up and fill the soloing gap

 #36771  by Pigpen
Any predictions? More jam oriented maybe? I missed the first set so I cant say.

 #36772  by Chuckles
I thought the pedal was verrrry schweeet, especially since everyone else was playing pure percussive rhythm. Nice counterpoint to the melody.

Cool. Short acoustic and a third, rippin' electric set (one hopes)...

 #36773  by I'm on the Bozo Bus
They could pull off "Franklin... But Slipknot???? Not sure... I bet it's been a while.

 #36774  by strumminsix
I'm on the Bozo Bus wrote:Regarless of political affiliation, you gotta love Obama's slogan... "Fired up and Ready to Go"... He is hitting the deadhead constitancy hard....
Credit where credit is due...
Ehh, in interviews he's about "decriminalizing" not legalizing. Seems kinda cheezy with that position. However, it is catchy but would seem more appropriate for somebody for legalization or pushing it down to the states.
deadguise wrote:Ole' Mickey's on the right.
And he's still rooting for Obama? Amazing :lol:

Seriously, thanks. I didn't see him my vid has been shotty.

 #36775  by Pigpen
Certainly would be interesting.. I never could tell how well Jackie fit into the mix for jamming I was preoccupied.

 #36776  by tigerstrat
it would be nice if during one of thee breaks they would delay the video by 5 seconds or so to match the audio better.

 #36777  by I'm on the Bozo Bus
You kiddin me SS... I'm in Alabama for Pete's sake... You can still marry your cousin down here!!!

But's it's all good, I leave them alone.. they leave me alone.
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