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 #172325  by KHotchkin
Been using this site for many years, it's helped me learn many Dead songs.
My name is Kurt, I live in Willowbrook, a suburb of Chicago.
I've been playing guitar for about 25 years. I've only recently started recording a little bit.
I do a little songwriting as well.

I'm definitely a Stratocaster guy, but I've owned a lot of the other brands at one point or another. Currently my only other guitar is a Gretsch, though, and I barely touch it. I use a Vox amp and cabinet, and an assortment of pedals. The two pedals I mostly use are an Orange Kongpressor and a JHS Morning Glory.

I've never been in a serious band, but if anyone in the Chicagoland area is ever looking for a guitarist, to jam, for lessons, whatever, feel free to reach out. I can play all the Dead tunes, and a lot of other classic rock, Floyd, Beatles, Stones, etc., and have dabbled in the other genres to some degree. It's my hobby and my love. Happy New Years to you all.
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 #172330  by lbpesq
Well hello KHotchkin and welcome to the forum! I’d say come on over and jam, but I’m about 2000 miles west of you in the SF Bay Area. Maybe after covid is behind us.

Bill, tgo