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 #102841  by jclayky
 Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:02 am
hello to all!
after many months of surfing this site on a daily basis, i have finally
made an account. First of all, thank you to everyone involved here, i really
cant begin to describe how great of a site this is; a true well of knowledge
for people who are satisfied by the continued pursuit of knowledge in a musical
world that is constantly changing. I think Jerry would be very proud of you all.

I was born and raised in Kentucky, though I live in Chicago for most of the year
where i am an aspiring instrumental performance major, my heart still lives in
the bluegrass state. Ive been playing bass for around 8 years, and guitar for
around a year.

my guitar rig right now consists of:
'76 twin reverb with master vol, mexican strat, mutron iii, dist+ reissue,
ehx small stone, and an old bad monkey.
bass rig: mexican jazz bass, gallien-krueger MB500 and a heartke cab, throw
in the mutron and the dist+ every now and again for that sir psycho sexy sound.

biggest influences for bass: phil, flea, larry graham and mike
biggest influences for guitar: jerry, david gilmour, duane allman, and though it is
still hard for me to pick him out in the mix, i am developing a fascination with
bob's style--he somehow manages to provide a canvas and background that gives
context and support to jerry's style.

Ive only been listening to the grateful dead for around 2 years or so, but in that
time ive been inspired to try and get really serious about playing music; through
jamming with recordings, with friends, and having access to this website, in the
past year i have seen vast improvement in both bass, and guitar. Particularly
guitar. Much of this improvement could be credited to my persistence of late,
but really, without the grateful dead and the information on this site, my "persistence"
would be nonexistant. thank you very much for this website, and yourall's willingness
to share and impart knowledge and wisdom, when these days you have to give up an
arm and a leg just for a semester.

anyways, my apologies for this outrageously longwinded introduction. I look forward
to continued use of this site and continued growth and progress.

 #102872  by jclayky
 Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:06 am
no, my dad's not the writer, but chances are we are related, the family's been here for quite some time!

the rides been pretty enjoyable so far to say the least and it keeps on goin, but its good to know theres people back home who continue to hold down the fort.

strummin, i checked out youralls website and listened to a few songs- really great stuff man, really enjoyed johnny b goode. let me know next time youall are playin in chicago