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 #150855  by Jerms
 Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:06 pm
Hi! I actually posted here in 2010 when I first started visiting RUKind, but a lot of time has passed and I've since moved to Salt Lake City from the Jackson, WY area. My name is Jeremy, and I've been playing guitar for 30+ years now. Started playing Grateful Dead music in college back in '94, and started with my first Dead cover band, The Deadlocks, in 2010. I play the Jerry guitar parts and sing a handful of tunes as well. We try to keep it as authentic as we can, however we do use a 3rd guitarist to play the Bobby parts, as the lead singers guitar is barely in the mix, and the backup singer (my wife) probably sings as many Brent parts as Donna. We'll usually mix it up in a show in terms of whether we're playing 70s, 80s, or 90s versions of songs. We haven't gigged for the past year, but have a show upcoming at the Pink Garter Theater in Jackson, WY coming up in the first weekend in March.
I play a Troy Post that's both Wolf and Tiger inspired. It's got the Wolf shape, maple thru-body neck with walnut and purpleheart strips, and layered walnut/maple body. It has 2 Super IIs and an SDS-1, coil taps, OBEL, and TPC-1 Buffer. I like DR Tite-Fits (.10s with a .11 high E), Adamas graphite picks, and high action. My rig is:

OBEL out-->OctaBass octave pedal-->Q-Tron+-->'80s MXR Dist+-->Keeley mod Blues Driver-->reissue script Phase 90-->OBEL in-->(sometimes Dunlop 535 Crybaby wah (not 535Q))-->TC Electric M-one fx processor for delay and reverb-->'73 Twin Reverb running at 1/2 power with both channels jumpered-->1x12 SSP cab with Weber-reconed JBL K120. The OBEL effects are all run through a Loop-Master true-bypass floor switcher.

I am quite poor these days, so this rig is pretty much what I've been able to piece together over the last 5 years. Most of my effects are borrowed from bandmates. I got the twin off of eBay around 2005 for $450, and it is in quite poor shape. I had to replace the reverb tank right off the bat, but the reverb still barely works, so I use the TC unit with decent results. I use the series routing so the delayed signal is fed into the reverb as well. I sometimes get yelled at by sound guys for my signal being too wet, but what can you do. The Blues Driver is pretty much just for signal boost in order to drive the Twin's preamp a little harder. Not my ideal rig by any means, but it gets me pretty darn close to where I want to be tone-wise. The single 12" cab is great because in the small venues we play I can put it way up on the bass player's rig and point it away from the crowd (and especially the sound guy), so I don't beam anybody's head off with it.
A I mentioned I haven't gigged in a year, so I'm super excited about this upcoming one. I've been in Salt Lake for a year, and have just been too busy at home with my now 2-year-old son to get out there and start playing regularly again. That is my ambition for this year. My wife and I have been talking about starting an all Jerry-Band project here since we moved. That is something I've wanted to do for about the past 20 years! Anyway, I just thought I'd re-introduce myself here since it's been so long and I've only posted a couple of times. I must say that my comprehension of what makes up Jerry's guitar tone and the finer points of his playing style has grown at least 100% since I first discovered this forum, thanks to the knowledge of it's members and their willingness to share it. Peace,

Jeremy Cohen
 #150856  by Poor Peter
 Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:27 pm
Awesome man! Welcome back. Troy Post builds some excellent guitars. Have a grate show and post us some clips if you record.
 #160931  by Mokie
 Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:38 am
Hey Jeremy, if you're living in SLC, have you heard of Mokie yet? We're a Dead cover band and we frequently play SLC, PC, and surrounding areas. We're playing The Depot on 4/20, come check us out!