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 #155749  by amaitre
 Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:03 pm
Been watching this forum for a while. Really like the scene here. I am playing in a Dead band in Harrisburg, PA ... we play half dead material and half non-dead material (but usually dead influenced). As way of introduction I was hoping I could find some interest in posting scarlet fire jams. Can be the dead, can be your own band, can be you jamming over backing tracks, whatever. I always loved jamming over this transition. I am hoping other people here do too! I am kicking it off ... this would be half past dead with a jam coming at you out of Lebanon pa. Room ambient recorder capturing the band wandering a plenty but enjoying ourselves along the way. If you got one to share, would love to hear it! Please post.


PS ... upload was clipped ... sorry! New link!
 #155761  by amaitre
 Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:03 pm
Just taking a listen to that right now on Wow, I have not heard this show. Amazing jam. I love that dominant chord that Jerry kicks of the jam with which opens up that space for Brent, Phil and Bob to take off early in the jam. Really sets the table up for jerry's amazing jam. That section around the 11 minute mark when he is finger picking those riffs is just awesome. Early 80's are so underrated!

Thanks for the recommendation!
 #155762  by ebick
 Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:38 pm
amaitre wrote:Early 80's are so underrated!
This show is a perfect example of what many folks' issue with the early 80's is. Mundane, predictable set lists. Somewhere along the line, some folks seem to forget that it's not what they played, it's how they played it! And they killed it this show. I was glad to catch this and many shows on this tour. I missed 4/6, the 2nd set of which may be one of the best sets of Dead music I've ever heard.

On this Scarlet->Fire, I just love.....

1) The Scarlet Solo
2) The Space
3) The Transition (sounds like if they did a studio version, this is how they'd do it)
4) The little lick right before the main riff in Fire
5) The way Jerry just explodes at the end of the first Fire solo.

Glad you liked it.
 #155763  by playingdead
 Thu Feb 23, 2017 5:30 am
That show has that slow, jazzy Eyes of the World, too, very unique groove to it.

It was not a theater, though, it is a small dome-like arena in Norfolk.


Second night on the spring 82 tour, I was at that show ... we were walking out afterwards and there was a priest in the crowd. My friend said, "Father, what did you think of the show" and he replied, "Excellent preparation for Good Friday." First night was at Duke, also a strong show. That whole tour was terrific, a definite high point before Garcia really started to slide and balloon up. I remember Garcia had his new "cleaner" tone out of the Tiger, and Brent was playing Keith's old Yamaha CP-80 electric grand piano instead of the Rhodes, so it was a different tonal experience. That CP-80 was not around for long, the Yamaha GS-1 replaced it pretty quickly. Nice Charlie Miller board here, check out the Eyes. ... d1t01.flac
 #155766  by pula58
 Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:54 am
This has always been one of my favorites (although I wish Bob would have gone a little lighter on the slide guitar playing!):

1978-04-24 ... d2t02.flac

The final (closing) Fire solo: lots of energetic Jerry chords, and beautiful arpeggios, worth a listen! Especially at 9:45 (and beyond) in Fire, just wow!
 #155768  by amaitre
 Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:53 pm
Wow. Thanks to everyone that has responded so far. You all really know how to welcome a newby to the site. Appreciate all of the detailed responses and the listening has been divine.
That shot of the Scope is pretty great. Would have loved to have caught a show there ... I believe in the early/mid 80's, I was probably in some crappy movie theater obsessing over "the goonies" or god forbid "top gun" ... hitting an arcade ... you get the picture :). Completely oblivious to the fact that musical giants were roaming the earth ...
I got into the dead in 1988 or so. My brother turned me onto american beauty which grabbed my ear. Saw my first show in 1989 in Charlotte. Was fortunate to see a number of shows in fall of '91 including the show with branford marsalis and hornsby. That was a treat.

This scope show has really caught my ear. Love the eyes of the world that was posted as well. Real nice. The ending on that is just awesome. There is this great interplay with Brent and Jerry ... just great stuff.

That 1978 is a great turn on too. Interesting to hear Bob go into that slide portion early on Fire. Thanks you for the posts so far, I have added several shows to my favorites!