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 #160633  by Aztex
 Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:57 pm
Howdy from half a mile from Tucson by the borderline! So. AZ!

First shows San Diego '79. Last show LA Forum ~'93. About 100 in between fromSD to LA to Ventura to Frost to Shoreline to Vegas. West coast head!

Had guitars for years but got more serious about 15 years ago. Garcia style far and away THE most interesting. I came to GD via R&R but the cowboy songs got me! El Paso from SYF got me! So play those sort of tunes!

Have a Collings D1AV for the acoustic and just bought a Fender Eric Johnson Strat which if you don't know is based on a '56 Strat and looks just like Jerry's from '72 Veneta shows! Still searching for the amp.

'72 tone is my favorite! Dig the whole Americana vibe of that vintage tunes.

Glad I found ya'll!

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