#54842  by opie
at least you've made it that far...................
 #54844  by Laytonco
Yes, a bud of mine os trying to get onto musictoday.com. He is trying to create an account and it keeps telling him his email doesn't match (have to enter it twice). He has done this 10 times so far. Thank you Musictoday.com!!! You rock!!!!
 #54846  by Good Times
Laytonco, had the same problem as your buddy on musictoday.com. Gave up and went to dead.net and am currently in the "waiting area"
 #54850  by pharewellphish
finally got mine. goddamn that was the most painful process ever, and it only took an entire hour of clicking refresh
 #54851  by Laytonco
Where did you hit refresh? AFTER you entered your number of tickets and were asked to continue? I am at the continue page and am worried that I may be in line and refreshing will send me to the back.
 #54852  by Good Times
Laytonco, you are right I was re-directed to musictoday.com. It seems several sites are funneling traffic there. But nothing seems to be moving forward :? :?
 #54853  by Chuckles
This is utter bullshit.

They say this is to "reduce their carbon footprint"?

Do they have any inkling how much electricity is being used to sit on hold online for hours on end?

Fucking morons. If I didn't have friends counting on getting tix, I'd bail on these asshats in a second.

Man, I'm pissed.
 #54854  by pharewellphish
yea i had no trouble losing where i was at by hitting refresh. i was trying on 3 computers and i had friends trying from 4 more. i got all the way to the last page just to have the credit card declined so i had to start over. i did it with the same card and it didnt get accepted

after the fees and shit theres some pretty heavy wallet damage there. 12$ shipping charge? are you fucking kidding me
 #54857  by pharewellphish
honestly. i miss the good ole days of constantly calling on multiple phones as soon as it opened. when u dont get through you actually know whats going on. the constant false hopes and error messages just sucks
 #54858  by Laytonco
I miss the good ole days as well. Friendin mail orders to the ticket nazi (soup nazi?). Getting the cool ass tickets. Paying $18 bucks for tix, seeing Jerry. Long time gone....

WELL! I got 6 nosebleed tickets to the Pepsi Center in Denver for $406.10. Level P2, Section 330, Row 5, Seats 1-6.