#54882  by RETURN
Am I missing something here? Why not just mail order? I was not aware you could get them online already. Everything I saw pointed to mail order presale for the next week.

I sent in for Buffalo. I will get my tickets right?
 #54889  by Dozin
I thought this was going to be a easy process until about 5 minutes before 12 and you could feel the server being bogged down. It didn't take me long to get into the room but floor seats were taken immediately. So I did the next level and got seats. I hit the back button to see if I could get better seats but that wasn't working because of the server hanging. So I proceed all the way to credit card verification and it said finalized. Cool! well it never processed. FUCK!!!!

So I goto Sunday night and got seats on the floor. I'm on the phone with my buddy who is determined for Saturday night on the floor and he keeps hitting refresh and then says I'm in! I ask him what the seats are. There the exact same seats I picked up for Sunday. section 4 row M seats 1 and 2 How sweet is that?
 #54890  by wisedyes
I got two for Charlottesville at about 7:10 pm - used the link that came in my email from dead.net this afternoon and got right in.
 #54892  by Dozin
Yeah, we noticed if you keep hitting refresh that they will pop up. It's how much patients you have with it
 #54893  by warrenMFKNhaynes
pharewellphish wrote:finally got mine. goddamn that was the most painful process ever, and it only took an entire hour of clicking refresh

haha thats some 21st century pain! :lol:
 #54897  by mttourpro
FWIW, there were so many tix for PennState that I find it hard to believe there won't be a lot of extras floating around at every venue---(barring perhaps MSG and Philly).
On top of that, at these prices, there's bound to be lots of folks who bought extras just wanting to get some/most of their money back.
 #54899  by Dozin
and I think your going to be surprised how hard it's going to be to get a ticket. Especially, the closer the dates come. Get em now
 #54901  by mttourpro
Dozin, you may be correct but I think there's a bit of a panic that ensues and then subsides which ultimately produces a lot of extras....especially for smaller market/weekeday shows. We shall indeed see. FWIW, I didn't order any but hooked up with one for NC courtesy of Pappy. Nice seat too.
I'm planning on Philly and perhaps Buffalo too. I'm guessing Philly might be a bit tough but I have never been shut out of any show even when Jerry was still there....and some of those shows where pretty tough tix.
MSG will be the toughest one I think---it's actually on my BDay but I'm not going as I don't like NYC.
 #54903  by DooDahDan
After waiting for an hour in the "waiting room" I got in. Tried every permutation to get 4 tickets to MSG. No luck, so I bailed around 1:30 frustrated and pissed. To add insult to injury, I got an email from dead.net at 1:46 pm saying the pre-order started. WTF?

I'm done with this band. $100/seat for a jerry-less dead is not worth this much hassle. What started out a long time ago as a cosmic adventure has turned into a money-grab. Can't say I blame any artist for wanting to make some duckets to provide for retirement/kid's future but at least make the process work. This band has turned into one giant cluster f*ck since jer checked out.

I would rather take the $100, buy 4 DSO tickets and a round of drinks for my friends, and be happy.
 #54910  by gr8fulbluz
I wish I could afford it, have fun you guys.
I am just sad oh well.
tomorrow is a-nother day
 #54912  by caspersvapors
Im pretty disappointed in the fact that the Dead are from Northern California yet theyre only playing one show here
 #54918  by Tennessee Jedi
caspersvapors wrote:Im pretty disappointed in the fact that the Dead are from Northern California yet theyre only playing one show here
Gotta feed the hand that bites you my man.
 #54919  by Maybeck09
I wouldn't worry too much about Bay Area shows. They'll be more. I wouldn't be surprised to see them add another date to Shoreline and should they go out this summer they'll play there more. And if they don't go back out this summer they'll play little surprise gigs in the bay area. Maybe not Kruetzman- but the others. you have a better chance to see them than anyone. When i lived out there the dead played all the time- you could pick and choose your shows. Different times I know, but you'll be okay. they'll play more there. And besides - its flipping paradise out there. Head out to Stinson or over to the Depot in Mill Valley, walk Telegraph Rd in Berkeley or enjoy the big city. Hike the Marin headlands, spend the day in GG park. "California is the garden of Eden, a paradise to live in or to see" You really can't go wrong. And its so much warmer and nicer than the east coast. Enjoy!
 #54954  by boxorain
Yeah, the process really was bad, but after about an hour of waiting patiently, I got 2 lawn seats for Shoreline. $104 bucks for the pair after all the fees, but it is 2009, and everything seems expensive.

Thought about mail order like I used to do 20+ years ago, but I was worried it is more of a lottery than a purchase. I have waited for those precious tickets before, and been sorely disappointed when my money order came back. That was fine when they were touring consistently (well not really fine, but...), who knows if you'll ever get another chance these days.
 #54964  by hotasaPistol
Hey Now,

I live in Cali and can't make the shows so am seeing my first New York shows in Albany and Buffalo.

My brother in law who lives in Syracuse and I miscommunicated and doubled up....

So I have an extra pair for Albany and Buffalo.....if anyone is interested pm me and we'll work out a deal....

As far as the process goes it wasn't fun....I don't like the prices but it is what it is....also for me going to New York will be a treat...also I want to see them one more time...I saw 2 Other One shows in 98 at Shoreline and 1 Phil show with Warren at the Greek in 2000.....so that's all for my post Jerry experiences...I was happy to back on the scene and sad at the same time
I am hoping that it all lives up to the hype and expectations of magic...only one way to find out.....so I am going to put on my dancin shoes and look for some ammunition and let it rip..

Nothing left to do but smile, smile , smile

Pistol 8)