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Setting up a very compact rig with a Mini Pedal board looking for thoughts feedback

The Basic Compact rig Suncoast F2p Preamp (picked one up cheap sounds good I'd compare it to the DRRI preamp tone) > Quilter 101 > JBL K110 in a Fender 1270 Enclosure

The Mini Pedal Board so far I am thinking Keeley Neutrino for Envelope, Wampler Faux Spring Reverb , MXR Phaser 95 , korg mini tuner pedal I'm not sure about the overdrive the octaver and the deley any experience with mini pedals out there ? Is there a good mini overdrive similar to earth drive type tones? anyone use a mini octaver ? Delay ? Wampler Faux reverb or Holy Grail Nano ??

Opinions thoughts welcome
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I use mini pedals almost exclusively - part of my quilter-based light weight rig. I did a lot of research and testing different pedals in the process.

For overdrive I use a Pigtronix Disnortion Micro. Extremely versatile, it can do fairly clean sustain to over-the-top dirt. I usually use the “Carlos” setting.

For a mini Octave pedal I have the original Mooer Tender Octaver, NOT the Tender Octaver Mark II or the Pure Octave. The original Tender Octaver is a direct clone of the EHX POG, so much so that EHX forced Mooer to cease and desist producing and selling the pedal. You can still find them fairly often in the usual places and they do sell at a premium, but they track and sound MUCH better than the Mark II version or any other mini octave I’ve tried.

For a tuner I use the Polytune mini. It’s the only mini tuner I’ve found that is readable in direct sunlight for those outdoor daytime gigs.

For reverb, I used a Hall of Fame mini until I got my Quilter with reverb.

For an envelope filter, I tried a bunch of mini’s and, surprisingly, settled on the Valeton Katfish. It is one of the least expensive filters out there, selling for under $50 new and often for $30 or so used. It needs a little tweaking, but once you find the sound, it works quite well for Jerry-type stuff.

Hope this helps.

Bill, tgo
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Wampler makes the Tumnus, which is a klon centaur klone. Ibanez mini tube screamer. The jhs mini foot fuzz is pretty nice. There’s another company that makes really high end pedals that are all mini but I can’t remember the name off the top of my head. If it comes to me I’ll edit. But there are a lot of nice mini pedals out there.

Just did a mini pedal search on reverb and a bunch of shit comes up so I’m sure you can sift through all the junk or refine the search.

Even some of the toms line and donner pedals are good bang for the buck type stuff. I don’t play metal but I have the donner metal pedal and it has some nice sounds with the gain way down. And it’s about the size of a bic lighter. And if I wanna get freaky at times I can. 😂 lots of options out there though
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Strumminsix they seem to be putting everything out in a mini form these days. Just lay low and it’ll come along. Unless it’s just stuff that’s the circuitry can’t be shrunk down anymore. Not that they are the best of worst but just an example I think Ibanez put the whole 800 series out in minis following on the back of the ts. And ehx has a bunch of cool minis. I know the muffs stack up nicely the jhs guy did a video or a couple on mini pedals

That’s one of em anyway

I like those chase bliss pedals too. They aren’t cheap but you can get a ton of different sounds out of one pedal. They aren’t mini but they aren’t huge. I have the brothers boost fuzz overdrive one and it’s fantastic and the reverb I also really like. And they are analog but can be controlled with midi switchers for a bunch of presets.

I know they aren’t pure jerry or Bobby tone machines. But I hook the brothers up into the reverb and into my thick air and I get some great sounds. I’m not gonna give a full review but it’s pretty much kicked any other od pedal off my board.

And the reverb one is totally insane has all the normal stuff but a second circuit of all the crazy modulated ambient sounds that have nothing to do with the dead except for use in space.

Apologies for the terrible grammar and punctuation.
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Lots of great mini pedals but I found the ones I love years ago and not ready to start searching new ones. I'm a Bobby player and my rig looks like this..
Emma discumbibulater
Barber LTD Sr
Maxon PH350

All bigger pedals, hell the Maxon is huge.
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I have nothing but respect for Bobby players. I try to kinda hybridize the two sometimes come if from my last band I was the only guitar and when we did dead stuff I always tried to channel Bobby for the rhythm parts and Jerry for the leads. But that Bobby stuff gets complicated. Bobby’s playing has always intrigued me. He’s like the guy in sultans of swing who knows all chords.
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Being essentially a “Bobby” player, I approach it as providing the connection between the lead guitar and the “lead” bass. Perhaps the most important skill in this position in the band is to have big ears. The challenge is to listen to what the lead guitar and bass are doing, and find a place between that relates to both while also suggesting new pathways to explore by sometimes playing “lead with chords”. I think the Bobby chair is often the one that first steers out of the set material and into improv territory by transitioning from chords to a second lead, and vice versa brings it back to the song.

Bill, tgo
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Yes that makes a lot of sense. I saw a video on YouTube I wish I remembered what it was but the guy was talking about chinacat parts. And he said in a Mitchell that jerry gets the tempo set with his part and “Bobby comes in with all this beautiful stuff” that’s the only quote I remember but it was a great description.
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