#170905  by Jon S.
Maybe others are in the same position. Too much gear to reasonably justify anymore.

Yesterday, I boxed up and shipped off my FYD TR JG preamp to its new home outside Cleveland. It's a wonderful piece of gear, truly great sounding, but my days of Dead tribute bands are over (the bands I play with now are classic rock, generally, and originals, respectively) and I can no longer justify having 3 full Garcia-inspired rigs (guitars, preamps, power amps, and combo) sitting around with no individual piece being played too much anymore.

I know yet more sales are coming soon but I've got the hesitation blues now on what to list next. I think I need to finish my grieving over this first. :(
 #170963  by aiq
I hear you, Jon.

I have been moving some things out a bit. Not really interested in vocal music anymore. Trying to revive the idea behind my old instrumental trio, sort of on a continuum from Kimock instrumental to the kind of jazz I like: Coltrane, Miles, modes, odd pentatonics, quartal harmonies.

I still love a Fender tube amp into a JBL but I am also exploring the VHT D50. Guitar wise mostly Tele, LP, and the Howard Robert lawsuit clone.

Down to “only” three amps.

Just visiting here today for some nostalgia.
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