#171662  by perljam
I did a thing...


I found myself with some time and a bunch of amps, so I made a video to compare the tone as best I could. I didn't get the volume levels worked out too well, but I hope you enjoy.

Playing some Garcia licks through a JBL E120 and the following amps:
Milkman The Amp 100
Fender Twin Reverb, stock specs, 1967 (borrowed)
Mesa Boogie SOB, 1983
SMS Classic JG + Carvin DCM200L
Carr Skylark (stock speaker)
Bonus: Yamaha G-5

The sound isn't amazing but I talked about my observations at the end.
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 #171668  by Chocol8
Nice video! Quick thoughts…

Carr sounds great but not quite “Garcia” tone. A little EQ might fix that or get it a lot closer.

Milkman - disappointing.

Mesa - definitely too bright/thin. Maybe turn down the treble or add some EQ. Guitar tone knob might help as well.

Twin Reverb - I would like to hear it without the attenuation. Also, I would try to turn the volume to 6 or 7 ish to drive the power section harder, and maybe back off the guitar volume if needed to stay in the clean to edge of clean range. It still sounded pretty darn good.

SMS - Sounds great. It’s built for the job and sounds like it.

Yamaha - not bad for what it is, but with other options I would select something else.
 #171704  by Cumtax
At some point in my tone-chasing journey, I was considering a Milkman amp. Everybody was praising it but when I tried it in person well, it sounded like... shit?!
As long as you stay clean the thing is usable but when you go for a bit gain it starts sounding very "digital-y" and very unpleasant, at least to my ears.
No wonder they developed a 100W, cause at some point the 50W was the only one available and probably the usable headroom was extremely low.

I don't know, for the (high) price there are much better options out there.

Surprisingly the Yamaha G-5 sounded super cool
 #171705  by strumminsix
Great video. I had the Milkman for about a minute. Felt it was too dark and bland. Incredible concept, but the execution didn't do it for me.
 #171708  by perljam
Thanks for all the feedback!

Yes, I was surprised by the Milkman, as I've been using it live. I'm wondering if there was something wrong that day? It just broke up too soon. I had been enjoying it, and it is super useful for recording and more. I've heard a comparison of the 50w vs 100w and the 50 breaks up much earlier, so that would only be useful for home use. I still think it's a viable amp for many.

The Yamaha really sounded great with the JBL, but that was pretty much at max clean volume. The spring reverb is real winner there. I've actually used it for 'quiet practice' where we sing over our electrics and it sounds very good at that volume with the internal speaker.

As for the Twin without attenuation, forget it! It can't go above 2 or 3 in a venue smaller than the Warfield. But, I agree that backing off the volume control would have been fun to experiment with.
 #171711  by Chocol8
I crank twins all the time. Just put in some foam earplugs, then a pair of shooting muffs on top. :-o :rockon: