#172094  by Cumtax
So I've always been amazed by the idea of achieving a bird-like tone for the bird song but to me, it's kinda unachievable.

At first, I thought it was mostly pinch harmonics, but as someone already stated, it's too consistent to be just that. Today I spent an hour or so looking and studying the live video and started messing with those pinch harmonics.
Well, they can kinda get you close to that squealing sound but upon a closer look at what Jerry is doing the mystery gets deeper.

If I try to play the same notes he plays, the position where I need to pick my pinch harmonics on the strings change completely depending on where the notes are fretted. However, not only Jerry plays the harmonic (allegedly) in a completely different area of the strings, but also he doesn't change the area on the strings at all. You can clearly see him playing between the neck pocket and the neck pickup, an area that won't get you to pinch harmonics if you fret notes around the 15th fret. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe2u7ogAgtQ You can see what I mean around 5:57

What's the recipe of his sauce?