#173458  by Jon S.
 #173466  by NeilG1
Interesting for sure. In my opinion, that TGP demo doesn't really sound all that Jerry to me, tone-wise.
For $190, also IMO, if you're looking for 70's MXR Jerry dirt, a Sarno Solar Flare at $15 less is a no brainer.
But always nice to have more entries into the pool.
 #173537  by strumminsix
Didn't hear any note bloom. Unsure if it's the pedal or the amp or the player's technique. He's got technical skills for sure, but didn't like the overall tone or attack or drive.
 #173539  by Jon S.
In my experience, there’s rarely a substitute, with any pedal, for playing it with one’s own guitar, through one’s own rig, with the pedal set to one’s own taste (which may be cleaner, or dirtier, than the video’s demoer).

I’d like to try this new offering but as I’m entirely satisfied with my pair of FM (flat mids) Fulltone Fulldrive 2s I’ll pass.

I shared the link, though, because as has already been said, it’s always nice to see new Jerry-focused gear options.