#173638  by PaulReed69
In the market, the a new amp for a Dead tribute I've been playing in. I currently have a VOX15ac, Helix LT (with a power cab) and a Germino Lead 55 with 2x12 cab. Surprisingly, I think the Germino does the best with the clean glass tones bobby does.
Ideally, I'd like to use something that more of an easy combo to bring out to shows the a head and a cab. Here are some thoughts:
1) Vox 30 Hardwired
2) Fender Twin (although they are very heavy)
3) Get a better FRFR and just use the Helix
4) Mesa Boogie 5:50 Plus Express (there is one for sale around here)
5) Suck it up and just use the Germino if it sounds good....
6) What haven't I thought of?????

Ideally, I would like loud, but not crazy heavy but also do want to alway have to mike the amp at shows....
 #173640  by lbpesq
Light, loud, clean, easy to interface with PA at live gigs? Sounds like my Quilter Aviator Mach 3 which has accounted for itself quite well when I take the Bobby chair in various GD jams.

Bill, tgo
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 #173642  by strumminsix
Dr Z Maz 18. Voxy pre, Fendery power. Pretty much sums up Bobby tone of the last 25 years.

And easy covers his GD tones. And pure joy to play thru.
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 #173689  by strumminsix
PaulReed69 wrote: Tue Sep 20, 2022 10:14 am Dr Z Maz incoming :rockon:
WOOHOO!!! Details? What setup/config???

BTW, approach the tonestack with a fresh mind. It's similar to Fender, but different. I appreciate how the mid and bass don't impact each other so much on the Z compared to Fenders. But it did take me a minute :)

The boost footswitch is awesome! It bypasses the preamp EQ (which really only cuts signal) for a very raw yet musical gain!!
 #174057  by heymur1
PaulReed69 wrote: Tue Sep 20, 2022 10:14 am Dr Z Maz incoming :rockon:

Just curious now that you’ve had the amp for a while, any feedback to share would be great.
 #174094  by jmal
If you’ve already got a 2x12, I recommend getting a milkman “the amp”. I use the 100w version and keep it on my pedal board and I use it with with a hard truckers style 2x12. You’ve got plenty of clean headroom but you can dial in a lot of great tones thanks to the master volume. It’s got built in reverb and a very usable boost. Plus, I’m able to carry all my gear in one trip from my car!
 #174277  by Jon S.
The Dr. Z Max 38 Reverb I played some years ago sounded better to my ears that the vintage Vox AC30 sitting next to it. It wasn't just the sound, though, it was also the feel. Hard to explain in words but I felt like the amp was an extension of my mind and hands. Wonderful amp.
 #174278  by strumminsix
PaulReed69 wrote: Mon Feb 20, 2023 10:02 am Here are some pictures:
upload your images

Pedalboard (sorry its upside down)

The whole thing is amazing. Clean brights...I can't say enough about this rig!
AWESOME and CONGRATS!!! Love the Z amps for sure!!

Great seeing the Z boost pedal for sure. how it bypasses the tonestack less the cut knob! love the it!