#169067  by Abide
Hey there,

Anyone seen this offering from Eastwood?

https://eastwoodguitars.com/collections ... tiger-bass

While not exactly awesome at either, I tend to play more bass than guitar. I have an Eastwood Wolf and was stoked to see them offer a "Dead" inspired bass. I've read good things about the Tiger guitar, so I'll probably take the plunge! :)
 #169071  by brbadg
I wanted someone to do this. However, now that I see the price tag, I’m thinking “That’s halfway to a Modulus”. I’m doing fine with my jazz bass. Just pick in the right spot over the front pickup and I’ve got the tones I want. Have fun!
 #169079  by TI4-1009
I wonder what Phil didn't like about his Irwin Tiger bass?
 #169084  by Abide
Interesting points, gentlemen!

Obviously, the aesthetics are the selling point! I was hoping for a cheaper price point, but Eastwood has done a nice job on their Dead inspired offerings.

As for the "baseball bat" neck, that would really bum me out...I'll have to check with Michael from Eastwood and check it out. The description says "basic C shape," but I'd like to make sure it's not too chunky.

My current bass is a Peavey with the skinniest neck ever!
 #171278  by zambiland
TI4-1009 wrote: Sat Dec 26, 2020 5:09 pm I wonder what Phil didn't like about his Irwin Tiger bass?
Probably what the rest of us didn't like. It sounded pretty terrible. Not up to the standards of the Alembic, Starfire, or later Moduli.