#151251  by bzbz
OK, this is my newest idea - and I am hoping someone will point out a NEGATIVE to this idea, to save me from the endless tinkering we all, to varying degrees, indulge in, but I think there are no negatives to this:

I have a (BillM mods done) Blues Junior with the Jensen speaker - which sounds very good, but when I unplug that speaker and plug it in to my 2x12 cabinet with K-120s (I disconnect one of the speakers so that it has an 8-ohm match), it sounds excellent. The 2x12 has been used for my "big" rig, which involves a 100-watt Fender head (from a Super-6).... even when I use the "big rig", I most often engage the Earth Drive because my volume never really pushes the K-120s the way I would like, and the rig is susceptible to sounding a touch thin and brittle -

So, my thought is to switch one of the K-120s and the Jensen - this way, the Blues Junior sounds best, and I don't have to lug a 2x12 along with it, which sort of defeats the purpose of why I got it... Also, the 2x12 would now have a Jensen combined with a K-120 - which might help the Fender head sound fuller (I can always choose to disconnect the Jensen and play with a mismatch anyway if I want the K-120 alone)

So, what's the negative? any feedback?
 #151253  by TeeJay
I had a problem with the K120 beating up my BJ III (billm mods) in the small stock cabinet. It fit in there(barley) but was getting all kinds of tube rattle and other weirdness. I just think that the cabinet was not meant for a "real" speaker.
 #151259  by brbadg
For the record,the Blues Junior will handle the 2 jbls in the 2x12 cabinet.It doesn't mind a 4 ohm load.
 #151260  by bzbz
Thanks, I know that, thought it sounded better with just one K-120..... I really wanted to minimize the lugging around of gear, that's why I thought of this
 #165972  by dleonard
It’s been a few years since this topic has been touched. I’m wondering if any new info has been garnered by the community. I want a blues jr size amp that won’t make me wanna bag going to little jams or open mics. Also I’m a weekend warrior at best these days. I’ve researched the blues jr extensively and have found mostly positive reviews. Is it still of the opinion that a JBL speaker in that cab will be disruptively rattly?
 #165973  by lbpesq
If you’re looking for a small light amp that can hold it’s own in any situation, you might want to check out Quilter amps. After years of Mesa Boogies, Fenders, and rack mount systems (with dual 1x12s loaded with K120s), I’m a recent convert to Quilter. My MicroPro 200 weighs only 19 lbs., is quite small and sounds great with a full band. Add the 1x12 extension cab and it will easily keep up with a full Marshall stack!

Bill, tgo
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 #166445  by B_elston
Hey now, just stumbled upon this at just the right time I hope!! Just ordered my 1st K120 & patiently waiting its arrival for my new Blues Jr IV..... can't get in touch with ANYONE from BillM to assure me the mods(specifically the Output Transformer) are good to go with the new issue 4's.... if anyone here can help, that'd be great!! And , yes, I would love to put 2 more 16 ohm K120s in parallel with the 8 ohm one i have on the way which should render me about a 5.3 ohm total load . Will post some video after the 1st JBL gets ripping and if anyone can help with info on the BillM mods in the new edition (4) Blues Jrs.... that'd be swell!! Have a Grate day fellow Heads!!