#119890  by Yankee Tim
 Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:05 am
So, after pricing the baltic birch, and getting no discount, I figured I'd be into just the wood for a $100. Then, there was the very distinct possibility that I could screw it all up so bad that I would have to start from the beginning with new wood. We'll call that the Sour Diesel tax. :D

So I checked out TRM on Ebay after seeing the posts on here about them. Very affordable and the work seemed top notch. So I made contact with Tim (what a great name), and a few emails back and forth and I'm getting EXACTLY what I wanted. 3/4" 13-ply Baltic Birch with a 1/2" Birch cover. And...no, this needs a new paragraph.

I didn't want my cab to be plain jane, just like everyone else's HT-style cab. So for the rear opening, its not going to be a simple retangle, but instead a 13 POINT SYF BOLT! :thewave: I know, I know, not exactly groundshaking news, but I think it will be pretty trick. That and the fact that I am going to install LED lights inside that change from Red to Blue oughta look nice...to the drummer.

Also going to have a SYF woodburned into the cover by a machine. Groovy.

Figured I'd share and post pics as it develops. Thanks again RUKind or I would have never found this guy. :smile:
 #119902  by TI4-1009
 Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:40 am
Swell- 13 places to gouge your hand reaching in the back...


Sounds cool. I have a Tim cab, great to work with.
 #120652  by Yankee Tim
 Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:02 am
I got to say, as long as the build quality is there, this has got to be the most afforadable path to a HT-style cabinet for the semi-DIY'er. Fingers crossed.

Because I'm lame and think colored lights are pretty and kewl and trippy, I picked up 2 sets of battery-operated strings of 30 micro LED x-mas lights, one in red and other in blue. Cut them in half and soldered the wires so each were half and half red/blue. I plan on installing them inside the cab so when viewed from the rear, the bolt will be red on one side, blue on the other.

SHould look really trick, from the drummers' point of view. LOL. Using the other on my Hammond M3.

Yeah, I said I'm lame. :drink:
 #121694  by zoooombiex
 Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:36 pm
FWIW, and not to rain on the parade since I bet the bolt looks awesome, but the shape of the opening will have an effect on the sound of the cab, though it may be a wash in the end depending on your preferences.

I just ran over a thread recently on TGP (i think) where Kimock was saying how he was experimenting with shapes and found a preference for rounded (oval) opening compared to straight/rectangular ones.

Again, just food for thought. Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing the end result!
 #121709  by Yankee Tim
 Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:41 am
While I'm a tone junkie, I wish I was so sensitive that I could tell the difference between a rectangle, round, oval or square opening on a cabinet. :lol:

I'm sure it does, but from stuff I read, size of venting ports have the biggest impact. The bolt and rectangle share the same approx. Sq. In. Opening. I hope that is enuff.

These JBL came in a closed back Bandmaster cab. Even then, they had that jangle sparkle. I think all will be okay.

The cab shipped yesterday. I did get it already but had to send it back. The rear bolt just didn't come out right. Looked more like Charlie Brown's shirt design. The front baffle wasn't mounted deep enuff nor were the wood spacer blocks tall enuff to clear the HT EBay clamps. This is okay as he had specs to other clamps that didn't share the exact HT specs. And I blame the SYF design fault mostly on me. I should have provided a lot of pics and been clearer. I wrongly assumed he'd know what the 13pt bolt is.

But Tim was amazing. I mailed it back (BTW- parcel post ROCKS!) and he took it back and made it right. Kudos to him. This is the first he is building with a direct HT design, and the first with a crazy bolt opening. I'm happy to be the test bunny. Its best to work out any issue now so if anyone orders another like it or close to it, he's got all the specs right. This is the first one he built in the 13ply all baltic birch plywood. So its a bit of a learning experience. I told him if he makes the full 13ply HT-spec with cover available at the price point he sold me mine, there would prolly be many others beating a path to his door.

The overall build quality is impeccable. Dovetail joints! I was amazed by the craftsmanship he has. On pare with the best Amish kitchen cabinets I've seen. I expected the rear bolt design to be a 2 pc. panel as it would be easier to cut out.. Instead, he cut the bolt out of 1 piece. That took a lot more time and was a sign that he wants the best he can do. I am certain he got it right this time, and I will not hesitate to recommend Tim (besides, he has the coolest first name next to Jerome). :lol:

For the price ($189 shipped), it may be the lowest cost for a semi-DIY HT-style cab around. The plywood would have cost me more than half of that, and would have came with the very distinct possibility that I would fuck that shot all up.

Will post pics when it arrives.
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