#166323  by smd1973
Hi, I'm building a wolf shaped guitar with Alligator sensibilities. I'm trying to settle on a bridge. I like to stick to a bit of a traditional Strat style hardtail bridge, but with a top load bridge plate rather than a through the body. All I can find are ones made of zinc or steel and nothing made of brass. Anyone have any idea where I can get an all brass bridge like this? Does it really matter if its all brass? I've been thinking about getting a zinc or steel bridge and replacing the saddles with brass ones. Would that do the trick? Thanks.
 #166327  by TI4-1009
I'd call that reasonable for a brass machined bridge.
 #166329  by smd1973
I’d love to find a machined brass bridge but it has not been easy to fid one with top loaded strings as opposed to through body strings. Any suggestions for a top load option?
 #166330  by kentuckykind
What about a G.E. Smith Style Telecaster Bridge, might be called a half bridge, with brass saddles? That will be top loaded and shouldn't be a problem to install on a Hardtail Stratocaster.
 #166331  by kentuckykind
One thing to take into consideration if you go with a Tele Bridge is string spacing. I believe there might be a difference in string spacing between some or all telecaster and stratocasters.
 #166332  by smd1973
yes, Ive looked at some of the tele bridges, but Im not sure about the barrel saddles. I have found several top load Strat bridges but none of them are brass. I'm going to keep searching for now. If anyone has any other suggestions I am all ears. Thanks!