#173603  by augustwest1
I never gave this guitar all that much thought. Saw plenty of shows where Jerry played it, but always sort of regarded it as being past my time with the band.

Anyway, I have a completely new and totally unexpected appreciation for the elegant simplicity of it.

And the subtle changes in form v. Tiger go to show just how much thought and artistic sensibility Irwin brought to these guitars.

As always, hats off to that man!




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Another work of art.
 #173961  by BDubbbzz
Late to the party, but I'm not afraid to say that Rosebud is my absolute favorite guitar that Jerry ever played.

The tone, musical range, and functionality are all incredible. Jerry really had a way with the guitar. Probably helps that Spring and Summer ‘90 are some of my favorite Dead tours.

I know everyone gushes over Tiger, but Rosebud is just a beast..