#159287  by Blacklodgebob
 Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:03 pm
tnt1234 wrote:So I stained the top - a subtle sunburst with red mahogany and vintage amber - really like it, but not sure it goes with the walnut pick up rig (which is at work right now, so can't snap a pic with it...).

Feel like the pick up right should be metal....don't know where to get it done in metal though. Suggestions?

a small company called tone guard (out of CA) sells these brass - and other other metal - pickguards and ive had good success dealing with the single guy who runs the show. there is a small fee for creating a new CAD file for the CNC machine if you dont have a standard pickguard shape, like a USA strat etc. Ive ordered 3 now, and all have worked perfectly, all for different custom projects.
 #159419  by tnt1234
 Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:45 am
I ordered some Wenge to see how that looks. I've got some left over walnut and maple, so I have a few options I guess.

Looks like the pick up rings are about 1/32" off center, so I will probably build a new template as well.