#171855  by lbpesq
It appears Quilter has finally today released the much anticipated Aviator Mach 3. I just pulled the trigger and ordered one direct from Quilter. Only $1.99 shipping! Really looking forward to this amp which appears to be the amp of my dreams!

Bill, tgo
 #171857  by lbpesq
I just cancelled my order with Quilter. Musician's Friend has them with a discount code for about $165 less.

The amp pulls out of the cab and is 17" wide, so I imagine it could be modded with rack ears.

Bill, tgo
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 #171859  by lbpesq
They sent out a code last week, good until 10/25. I used it to buy my Superblock. I couldn't find the code today, so I just called MF. My final price out the door, including tax, discount (free shipping) was $1118.52. They anticipate shipping 11/13.

Bill, tgo
 #171862  by Jon S.
Good for you! :rockon:

I have a bunch of balls in the air at the moment so I'm going to let the initial feeding frenzy for the new combo pass and order my own a bit down the road (I might use the time to sell of my existing amps, too).
 #171865  by lbpesq
I’ve got a few amps that will be pulled out and photographed this weekend and then put up for sale. I’ve finally accepted that I will never again schlepp my old Blackface Pro Reverb loaded with D120s (boy, is that one HEAVY!). I’ll probably hold on to my MicroPro 200 8 until I receive the Mach 3 so I can try them side by side. Then, I strongly suspect, it will be adios to the MicroPro - no need to keep both. I promised my wife I would sell enough stuff to cover the cost of the Mach 3. (We haven’t really discussed my recent purchase of a Superblock US. That will arrive in a box small enough not to raise too many questions). The Mach 3 just seems like my dream amp. I couldn’t resist!

Bill, tgo