#174171  by bomall01
Hi all,

I recently got a Voodoo GCX pedal switcher. I am confused about how to use this with my OBEL/HubBub setup. Should I wire the “send” from the HubBub to the guitar input of the GCX, and the “return” from the HubBub to the guitar output of the GCX? Something else?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

 #174176  by petcat
The out (send) of the Hubbub goes to the "feed through" of the GCX on the front.
The GCX loop 8 output connects back to the Hubbub Return.

The "To Amp" goes to your delay, like mine and then to the preamp, or direct to your preamp.

This way your pickup signal goes: Pickups > Stereo cable OBEL > Hubbub OBEL jack > Effects > Hubbub OBEL > Stereo Cable return to guitar> Guitar master volume > Guitar mono cable > Hubub Guitar jack > Amp.

Good Luck!