#72417  by DiamondDave
 Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:46 pm
Hello everyone. I love this forum and its nice to finally be able to contribute in some way.

Dear Prudence from JGB is one of my fav's.

Here's a place to start from, for Jerry's take on the song.



Here's a screenshot of what the tab is supposed to look like. Can't seem to get the spacing right on here....
Picture 77.png
 #72422  by Billbbill
 Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:11 am
Your post made me check out my post from, oh almost 5 years ago and it evidently didn't fair well from the board conversion to 2.0! I had to re-align it big time. It's here

http://www.kindcorporation.com/rukind/f ... f=57&t=454

Looking over yours I then checked my "his solo repertoire" songbook as I wondered if it was there and intentionally or not what you have is identical. So I'd never seen (hadn't even checked my book!) the bass G in the alternating bass line thingy and thus had to investigate as I hadn't heard/learned it with that -

From watching some vids and listening I could only see the bass G on the bottom once over the first form, the C, in the line. The rest, C7, C6, C+ seem to alternate as I show in my thread, the C note on the bottom (3 on the A string) alternating with the E note (2 on the D string). At times he also just barred the 5th fret with his index finger and walked down the D string from the Bb to the G.

That being said there is nothing stopping one from having the bass G alternating throughout and for all I know he played it that way at some point as well. I also have the bridge slightly different than the book (see the linked thread above) as I keep the C bass note throughout the 3 forms - the vids I watched seem to confirm this as well.

 #72992  by jdsmodulus
 Tue Feb 02, 2010 6:59 am
With the other thread going on about tab, someone needs to make a vid of this tune! its worth it and there just seems to be alot of intrest in JGB in general. The later years of JGB, DP became such a "big" song.