#110457  by easytoslip
I think I am able to rewrite the chords in that version of the tabbed out lyrics so that they fall above the word where it is first strummed.
 #110459  by easytoslip
nah, nix that. it's beautifully written. I'm still not even sure I can play the whole thing all the way through, there's so much to it. I love when I find songs like this. Keep comin back to 'em
 #110463  by hippieguy1954
Homework :roll: learn Weather Report Suite, all the way through including words. :smile: :smile: :smile:
 #110466  by easytoslip
lol I was WRS-ing early in the night. For Easy to Slip, the last line with chord names above lyrics, I would like to see the D-chord pushed over to the end of the line so it lands above or after the word 'play'.