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Interesting chord choice at the very end of the bridge. As shown on the tab there is no F# in the chord (either example) so I'm hesitant to call it an F# chord. Without the F# it's a G°7 (fully diminished). Or name the fully dim chord what you want depending on how you explain its function (could be a Bb Db or E fully dim).

 #156188  by lovetoboogie
i don't hear quite that...

number of vids on you tube with clear shots of jerry...

that last part I believe is this;

E/F#, F#9, E/F#, F#6/9
"A selfish heart is trouble...but a foolish heart is worse...."

He plays it all at the 9th fret...on the 7/19/89 video he looks to grab that C# at the 9th fret in the bass as well on all or part of that grip...

Maybe? Yes/no?
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You guys have any tabs for those last 4 chords of the bridge?