#127169  by Jon S.
I'm struggling with how to chord over "Never mind how I stumble and fall." Below is how I arranged the line (with the two preceding lines for context) for my band and self:

... You will [7th pos.] E think me by A contrast quite proper, [quick!] D D/C# A B
never A mind how I stumble Bb and B fall. [4th position very short sig. lick]
Never A mind how I stumble and B fall! [TOMS |||]

This is based on the chords I found in the RUKIND tab and how I hear it played by the Dead. But for some reason, in my own mind, I'm hearing the last line differently, like this:

Never E mind how I stumble and B fall! [TOMS |||]

It seems to work fine either way but my vocals are seeming to fit better over the E rather than the A.

What do y'all do here? And if you play the A, try the E and tell me please what you think of it as an alternate voicing because the E is coming so natural to me, at present, I'm leaning towards switching to it.