#13772  by shakedown_04092
I love this song, dark lyrics and all.

 #13790  by Trystine
I never really cared for the way the Dead did it but Robert Hunter's version (Tales of the Great Rum Runners album) sits quite well with me. The faster tempo meshes with the melody better, I think.

 #13800  by Django
'Faded as the crimson on the ribbons that she wore - and it's strange how no one comes 'round anymore'...
That's about a long relationship and the increasing isolation of growing old. And yes that is dark, but still warm hearted.

 #13803  by BlobWeird
Trystine if you like a faster version as i posted before 6-16-74 from the Dead is for you! Its much faster than the norm. No solo though but its still sweet.

 #13806  by hesgone95
I love Roses, always have. BTW, that 6/16/74 show is very nice.

 #13813  by Trystine
Just had a listen to 6-16-74 and must agree that it is easiest of the Roses to listen to. Thanks for the point in the right direction. I see a show download in my near future.
 #28953  by pilgrim
This is a great lyric because of what Hunter has left unsaid. The rhythm of each line helps reveal the feeling and emotion of the song. I'm sorry the song is a "buzzkill" for some among us. For me, the song is about a love that goes beyond death.

 #28954  by strumminsix
At times I think it's about an ugly girl who somehow looks pretty at time or at least her place is inviting for men (not a relationship) but as she grew old and her place less kept nobody came 'round anymore...

BTW, 78 has some uptempo versions of this dry dark and sometime buzzkill of a song :)

 #28959  by krzykat
Its not really dark as much as its meloncholy. A lot of hunter lyrics have a meloncholy feel to them

 #28960  by shakedown_04092
^^^Love the signature krzykat :lol: :cool: :shock:

 #28964  by warrenMFKNhaynes
well i know China Doll is about suicide

A pistol shot at five o clock, the bells of heaven rang, tell me what u done it for? no I wont tell you a thing..

 #28971  by razmablues
this song is one of those songs that leaves alot of opening for an emotional jerr solo and overall performance. the solos although usually very similar, can have alot of melodic twists and turns which really add on to the tune for me.

but i'll take ship of fools over roses any day :D

 #28974  by pilgrim
Ship of Fools has even more resonance now that Bush is captain of the ship of state. Ship of Fools had more soulful guitar phrasing in the break than did Roses. I've never heard a version of either song I didn't like.

 #28979  by Candyman1984
Both Songs are good- but i think roses is a better story than ship of fools. Roses is also a beautiful song to sing and play by oneself, as oppsed to ship of fools. In the end both good tunes, but my vote goes to roses

 #29006  by soulrevel
are u serious?! roses is the shizzy. definately sorrowul and somewhat sad but in a blissful sort of way. only got to see it once and it was a treat.