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 #156808  by 8-6-71 for me
 Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:12 pm
Hey- new here, have only posted a few times. Mostly in the Jerry tone forum.

Favorite show, I think, is obvious. I am actually working on a project to fully transcribe note for note perfect (the Jerry parts) for the entire show using a program called... Transcribe. First four songs of first set are completely finished. Solos for a number of others are also finished but a note for note transcription of El Paso- yikes! Like Me & My Uncle it's basically one long solo. That is a labor of love but I'm on it. As a side project I knocked out Dire Wolf from Reckoning today, full transcription, intro, chords, fills, solo and tag ending. Pretty satisfying. Anybody else use Transcribe? It would be interesting to share files. For the 8-6-71 project I use a vintage TV yellow double cutaway LP w P-90s since that is the guitar played on that show. Straight into a 1973 Fender twin. It's the easiest era by far to perfectly match tone since there are basically just the two inputs. For the Europe 72 transcription projects I play a Fender Custom Shop VOS 1963 strat through an Alembic stratoblaster into the Twin. Yeah it's not a 57 swamp ash body w a 63 neck, but it doesn't really matter, the tone is a dead ringer. Cornell 77 is another animal altogether...

My main interest is listening and transcribing as I found that to be the most effective way for me to learn how to play guitar. It's all about the little details, the micro bends, syncopation, Jerry-isms. I read someone (dude from DSO?) make the remark that he never actually studied Jerry's guitar technique. I can't relate.

I have all the Dicks Picks, Europe 72 complete recordings and every single show from 1970. I'm first and foremost a listener and second a student. I have only seen Phil Lesh and Friends once in concert. I don't know if that means I am on the bus or not but it is what it is.
 #156814  by mgbills
 Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:01 pm
Welcome & Howdy!
Yup...use Transcribe! often. I mix it up with lots of chord study, apreggios, & scale training... theory & stuff. Transcribe is great to really dial a favorite riff, or anything else for that matter. Strumming & rhythmic texture too.

A jazz teacher I studied with always said that new skills take 6 months to show up in an improvisation. For me I can learn a Jerry part, but I have to incorporate it with lots of other avenues. Otherwise I think instead of play. Which in my case is a disaster.

 #156824  by 8-6-71 for me
 Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:40 am
mgbills wrote: Yup...use Transcribe! often...

A jazz teacher I studied with always said that new skills take 6 months to show up in an improvisation.

I found this very encouraging. Glad to hear I am not alone with having discovered Transcribe! It is the tool that made me realize I could learn anything that i heard.

What tracks in particular have you studied with Transcribe?